A new and modern pellet plant is launched in Brocēni

A woodchip cogeneration plant secures supply of environmentally friendly energy and increases competitiveness of the pellet plant in export markets.

Some facts about the production facility

New jobs
Production capacity
thousands per year
CO2 emissions
thousands per year

* The pellets produced by the plant will replace coal and reduce CO2 emissions by 603,288 tons per year

About Pellet 4Energia project in Brocēni

SIA Pellet 4Energia started pellet production in December, 2016. Capacity of the plant is 160,000 t per year and will be increased to 240,000 t in 2019. Consumption of low-value timber will increase significantly in the region and SIA Pellet 4Energia will strengthen the status of Latvia as a largest exporter of pellets in Europe.

The production facility consists of a wood pellet plant and a woodchip cogeneration plant, which will generate environmentally friendly heat and electricity. The cogeneration plant increases competitiveness of the pellet plant in export markets, because prime costs of its products are lower and allow it to successfully compete, especially when winters are warm and pellet prices are low.

Installed cogeneration plant's heat production capacity is 12.3 MWh and with flue gas condenser up to 14 -16 MWh, electricity output is 3.98 MWh. Produced heat and electricity meets pellet plant consumption..

AS Hekotek has delivered the EPC pellet plant with equipment produced by Stela, Brucks and CPM.

SIA UPB Energy delivered EPC cogeneration plant with equipment from Bono and MAN.

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Manufacturing of natural energy and heating pellets.

The production facility consumes natural energy resources – forest chips, sawdust and bark, as a result providing environmentally friendly energy for self-consumption and export in the form of pellets.

The research shows that about 10 million m3 of woodchip equivalent remain/rot in the Latvian forest every year… The Brocēni plant will be in sync with nature and forest utilising low-value timber, cleaning and tidying forests and the environment. It will exist in synergy and harmony with natural processes.


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